Jim 'DK' Kyrsanidis is from Thessaloniki in Greece. He won the Red Bull – Art Of Motion 2014 in Santorini and is considered one of the most original freerunners worldwide. Jim is famous for his very clean and unique style and creativity when he moves. He is very active in the Parkour & Freerunning Community. Jim DK is international Ambassador for Team JiYo.

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Corky is one the best tricksters in the world. He has won ”All Japan Tricking Battle 2014” and has his nickname ”Corky” because of his clean corkscrews. He is one of only few, who has ever landed the very difficult move ”Triple Cork”. Corky comes from Osaka in Japan. His style is a comination of parkour / freerunning mixed with his amazing tricking skills.

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Jim 'DK' Kyrsanidis er fra Thessaloniki i Grækenland. Han vandt Red Bull - Art Of Motion 2014 i Santorini og betragtes som en af de mest originale freerunners på verdensplan. Jim er berømt for sin meget clean og unikke stil og kreativitet, når han bevæger sig. Han er meget aktiv i Parkour & Freerunning miljøet. 

Jim DK er International ambassadør for Team JiYo.

Bjarke Helldén is a very talented all round freerunner, who has been part of the international Parkour / Freerunning Community for many years, and is still boasting one of the highest profiles in freerunning for his clean style. Moves on rails has become his ”signature move” as well as his many double backs. Bjarke comes from Denmark and is part of Team JiYo.

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Alfred Scott is from Boston, representing JIYO WEAR in the United States of America. Alfred has his own unique style, being considered one of the craziest and most creative freerunners worldwide. Keep an eye on this guy, cause he is aiming at the stars for sure. Alfred Scott is International Ambassador for Team JiYo.

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